Thursday, August 4, 2011

It has been a while...

Hi everyone in the blog universe. My mother has become consumed with school and acting classes, she has neglected my blog...ughh! She finally has some free time to catch everyone up on my AWESOME life. Summer is here, and it is super hot! My poor skin is very itchy from the grass- pollen - and bug bites , BUT I am still in great spirits. I am still a bit of a butt head when it comes to meeting new dogs, but  I am taking baby steps to get better. My dad is interested in buying a shock collar (mom isn't so sure about this), our neighbors have it for there 2 dogs and they are behaving like thinks it will work on me. Hopefully I won't have to go down that route. We have lots of babies on our block, and I love them! I love to lick their faces, hands, and butts (seriously). I went to Tuscon, AZ with my mom and her best friend for a long weekend, and I loved it there. I got to chase lizards and frogs on every single one of my walks! I also went to Maryland and hated every minute of it. I was too humid for me and I got dehydrated :( I was more than happy to hop into my sherpa bag when we were at the airport to go home. Mom still wants to get me into swimming classes, but they are 45 minutes away. So far my summer has been great, and mom has lots of photos to post of my handsome face.

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