Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hi #TWIBAS here is a link to a shiba inu forum. Check it out


Ran into my Shiba friend Moony! We love each other!!!!!! I need more Shiba friends....

Hello there blog-o-sphere! It has been awhile since the last posting. A lot has been going on in my four legged life.  The biggest is, that it is just now my mom and me. Since I can't tell time... I would say it has been about 8 months. I am the man of the house now. I have the tendency to be a bit over protective of the house and my mom, but it is my job ( or I think it is). I have been running a lot since it has just been the two of us. I don't like it much, but my mom makes  me anyway.

Mom is working a lot, and I am kinda lonely. She tells me that we are eventually going to get a sister shiba, so I can have a buddy to play with. I am a pack animal she tells I guess it is time to make our pack a bit bigger.

I promise to blog more. I hope all my shiba peeps out there are doing well. High paw!!!
***Sometimes my mom makes me where this bow drives all the bitches crazy***

Friday, September 9, 2011

New toy!!!

I got a new toy today! I love it, and I have not stopped playing with it. My mom and dad are shocked that I didn't rip it to shreds right away ( I have a tendency to de-fluff my toys ). This toy is 3 in one, which doesn't help my ADD and deciding which one to play with is so too much fun! I took a bit of a break - and mom was able to capture my handsome back to playing with my new toy! Happy Friday

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I have a new spot

Since my mom is back in school and always in the office working- she got me a new bed so I can keep her company....

My skin problems are GONE!!!!!!!

My mom has been out of her mind trying to figure out what has been going on with my skin, and all the itching I have been doing (for quite sometime now). Apparently there are a lot of dogs who have the same problem as I did, the good news is there is cure to the problem. After lots of research my mom knew this was a YEAST problem. What a lot of vets tell you is that your pet has "allergies" - well this could be true,but  more than likely it is the YEAST that is causing all the discomfort and itching, which in turn can make a dog more likely to develop allergies.

So I am sure you are all wondering how do you get riddled with YEAST...plain and simple- ANTIBIOTICS cause YEAST. What happens is when a dog goes on ANTIBIOTICS the good bacteria is wiped out with the bad....just like humans. That is why you should always give your pet a PROBIOTIC or yogurt in your pets food until the ANTIBIOTIC is complete. This is when my mom was able to pinpoint the exact time I went on ANTIBIOTICS and it correlated with the chronic itching and AGGRESSIVE behavior.

During my mom's research she found a website that sold a product called "Skin-eze". At this point she was willing to try almost anything to make me feel better. She read all the testimonials, and was convinced it was worth a shot. With in one week she was amazed at the difference- skin turning back to a normal pink color - healing raw spots - hair growing back-  very little itching- and a very happy SHIBA!

Don't judge the website or the packaging - because this stuff has helped me 110%. I have almost been on it a month and it is amazing how happy -comfortable - and way less aggressive with other dogs. My mom also uses there shampoo along with the supplements- as much as I dis-like baths it helps my skin and my coat.

My mom knows that there are so many other SHIBA'S and poochies out there that have the same issue. She wants you to know that there is an answer to you and your dogs problem. Go to this website and get your pup these supplements - you will be so happy you did.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It has been a while...

Hi everyone in the blog universe. My mother has become consumed with school and acting classes, she has neglected my blog...ughh! She finally has some free time to catch everyone up on my AWESOME life. Summer is here, and it is super hot! My poor skin is very itchy from the grass- pollen - and bug bites , BUT I am still in great spirits. I am still a bit of a butt head when it comes to meeting new dogs, but  I am taking baby steps to get better. My dad is interested in buying a shock collar (mom isn't so sure about this), our neighbors have it for there 2 dogs and they are behaving like thinks it will work on me. Hopefully I won't have to go down that route. We have lots of babies on our block, and I love them! I love to lick their faces, hands, and butts (seriously). I went to Tuscon, AZ with my mom and her best friend for a long weekend, and I loved it there. I got to chase lizards and frogs on every single one of my walks! I also went to Maryland and hated every minute of it. I was too humid for me and I got dehydrated :( I was more than happy to hop into my sherpa bag when we were at the airport to go home. Mom still wants to get me into swimming classes, but they are 45 minutes away. So far my summer has been great, and mom has lots of photos to post of my handsome face.