Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hi #TWIBAS here is a link to a shiba inu forum. Check it out


Ran into my Shiba friend Moony! We love each other!!!!!! I need more Shiba friends....

Hello there blog-o-sphere! It has been awhile since the last posting. A lot has been going on in my four legged life.  The biggest is, that it is just now my mom and me. Since I can't tell time... I would say it has been about 8 months. I am the man of the house now. I have the tendency to be a bit over protective of the house and my mom, but it is my job ( or I think it is). I have been running a lot since it has just been the two of us. I don't like it much, but my mom makes  me anyway.

Mom is working a lot, and I am kinda lonely. She tells me that we are eventually going to get a sister shiba, so I can have a buddy to play with. I am a pack animal she tells I guess it is time to make our pack a bit bigger.

I promise to blog more. I hope all my shiba peeps out there are doing well. High paw!!!
***Sometimes my mom makes me where this bow drives all the bitches crazy***